To start the day in our breakfast room Posthalterei enchants not only the historic ambience with beautiful perspectives. At our breakfast you will also discover the finest culinary treats and feast on muesli, cheese buffet, ham & eggs through a vitamin-rich and extremely delicious buffet. At our champagne breakfast you can expect special specialties for special days.

Day Café - Café Sissi

There are café houses and there is Café Sissi....
Café Sissi has been known for many years as a cozy meeting place for young and old in the beautiful ambience of an original café from the 18th century. In Café Sissi you can enjoy relaxed hours with traditional coffee specialties and fine cakes and tarts. Of course, tea lovers will also get their money's worth.
Open every day from 12 h -18 h.

The post office

The Poststube is the traditional restaurant in our house. Here you can also 'knightly dine'. See Weddings&Events.

The Post Tavern

Go out for a really good meal again! In our Post-Taverne Restaurant you can expect grilled specialties, excellent wines and dignified service. Historic wooden floor and wooden tables with inlays - a unique ambience! Our chef carefully prepares traditional and new dishes for you and offers you a culinary journey through the delights of grilled food. All our dishes are made with the freshest ingredients and created with love. Just come and visit us and feel at home. You will enjoy selected wines with it.
Table reservations under Tel: 08821-9363-0 or

Enjoy our specialties!